Join the U.S.-Bahrain Business Council

There are a range of promising opportunities for dynamic programming in the coming months related to enhancing the commercial relationship between the United States and Bahrain and enhancing the U.S.-Bahrain Free Trade Agreement for this important strategic relationship.

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The USBBC Offers Four Levels of Membership

  • Founding Corporate Membership is granted to corporations that have contributed at least $10,000 at time of the U.S.-Bahrain Business Council’s inception.
  • Chairman’s Circle Membership is granted to those corporations, partnerships, or similar organizations that pay at least $10,000 in annual dues.
  • Corporate Membership is granted to any U. S. corporation, partnership, or similar organization that pays at least $5,000 in annual dues.
  • Associate Corporate Membership is granted to any corporation, partnership, or similar organization with less than 20 employees that pays at least $3,000 in annual dues.


Member Services

The USBBC focuses on three primary services for its member companies: policy formulation and advocacy, business expansion, and network development.

Policy Formulation and Advocacy

The USBBC serves as an advocate for member companies on macroeconomic, investment, and trade policies that enhance the ability of member companies to garner market access. The USBBC is the principal venue for addressing these and other issues with both the U.S. and Bahraini governments.

Business Expansion

The USBBC gives significant attention to the expansion of business opportunities for its member companies. It works to identify projects, ventures, and partners that facilitate increased business for member companies.

Network Development

The USBBC seeks to establish formal and informal relationships with like-minded organizations in both the United States and Bahrain. It also works to establish strategic ties with existing business development organizations in Bahrain.

Member Benefits

Founding Corporate Membership

  • Members at this level automatically offered a seat on the council’s board of directors and recognized throughout the life of the council as Founding Corporate Members.
  • Priority invitations to CEO-level briefings and bilateral meetings with U.S. and Bahrain government officials.
  • Exclusive, company-specific strategic advisory services.
  • Leadership opportunities in trade delegations and missions, annual meetings, and events.
  • All Chairman’s Circle Membership benefits listed below.

Chairman’s Circle Membership

  • Access to senior-level leadership of the USBBC.
  • Increased visibility for branding, including placement in the Chairman’s Circle area on U.S.-Bahrain Business Council website.
  • Priority seating at all events, programs, and activities conducted by the council, in addition to all Corporate Membership benefits.

Corporate and Associate Corporate Membership

  • Eligibility for membership on the board of directors.
  • Invitations to CEO-level briefings and bilateral meetings with the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the U.S. government.
  • Company exposure to key events, discussions and opportunities to host government of the Kingdom of Bahrain or U.S. delegations and ministers.
  • Sponsorship opportunities, member-only events, executive trade delegations, and briefings with U.S. and Bahraini government officials.

Honorary Board Members

  • The U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Kingdom of Bahrain Ambassador to the United States are honorary Council board members with nonvoting status.